Laser Treatments

Physiolaser treatments available at Stanaford Medical Clinic
Physiolaser Satellite treatment for large body areas

What kind of laser treatments do you offer at Stanaford Medical Clinic?

We are pleased to offer a wide range of treatment options with laser. Our doctors proudly use the PhysioLaser and LightNeedle System to deliver excellent results to our patients suffering from many health conditions.

Many patient suffering from joint and back pain notice an improvement after treatment with the Physiolaser. A reduction in pain and an increase in range of motion are possible for patients after a treatment course. Some of our patients have even been able to delay surgery after treatments with laser. We can effectively treat joint, neck, and back pain as well as neuropathy, carpal tunnel, planter fasciitis, and many other pain conditions. We do this without medications and injections and no recovery time or invasive procedures.

If you have been struggling to improve under your current treatment plan, call 304.256.8227 to find out if laser treatments with our Physiolaser may be right for you.

Physiolaser treatment for neck pain
Physiolaser treatment for neck pain

What is LightNeedle Acupuncture?

At Stanaford Medical Clinic, we are able to offer a true “no needle” Acupuncture experience. Using our LightNeedle, Dr. Jafary can treat the body points and promote healing of the body and balancing of the “qi”. We use healing light, no needles. LightNeedle is safe for almost everyone and since there are no needles, even people scared of treatment by needles will experience all the benefits of Acupuncture with none of the needles.

LightNeedle Acupuncture
LightNeedle Acupuncture

Do laser treatments actually work?

Thousands of studies from all over the world demonstrate the effectiveness of laser therapy for many health conditions. Although we have traditionally focused on treatments for pain and acupuncture in our clinic, we are expanding our treatment options every day. Patients who suffer from insomnia, anxiety, autoimmune conditions and wounds are now being accepted for treatment in addition to our pain patients and patients suffering from neuropathy. We accept patients on an individual basis to determine if laser therapy is right for them.

Laser  treatments for Insomnia
Laser treatments for insomnia
Laser treatments for pain
Laser treatments for Chronic and Acute Pain

How much do laser treatments cost?

Laser treatments are usually not covered by insurance. However, we are committed to being able to provide state-of-the-art laser treatments for our patients at affordable prices and treatments start at $75.00.

The number of treatments and frequency for each condition varies. We accept cash, credit card and debit card at time of service for payment.

You will find the benefits of laser treatment far exceed the price.

Schedule your appointment by calling the office at 304.256.8227 or click Appointments and schedule your initial consultation.